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“60 Minutes” still does incredible work. NBC does packages, but the lion’s share of what they do is what we’re talking about. And that’s not going to change because the economics aren’t there. So this doesn’t really look like a conundrum.

And so if you go back, let’s look at when he first ran. The networks, if you recall, saw him as almost like a novelty candidate. And Fox News, NBC’S longtime rival, goes wall to wall with this. They don’t cite the questions about red lines or what Ronna McDaniel represented or didn’t represent. They just say we need to have a unified newsroom.

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At a high level, we plan to perform a level of data normalization; however, we will keep a version of the raw data contributed for future analysis. We will analyze the CWE distribution of OWASP Top 10 2017 Update Lessons the datasets and potentially reclassify some CWEs to consolidate them into larger buckets. We will carefully document all normalization actions taken so it is clear what has been done.

With the exception of the Injection category, which is quite broad, the other four are business logic or misuse flaws. If we compare the first list from 2003 with this year’s list, we can see that seven of the 10 items are still an issue in some shape or form. The report also focuses on what has changed since 2017. In a related blog post on the subject, Immersive Labs Principal Application Security Engineer Sean Wright noted that every single item from 2017 is still on the current list, either directly or combined in a new category. Infosec believes knowledge is power when fighting cybercrime.

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To collect the most comprehensive dataset related to identified application vulnerabilities to-date to enable analysis for the Top 10 and other future research as well. This data should come from a variety of sources; security vendors and consultancies, bug bounties, along with company/organizational contributions. Data will be normalized to allow for level comparison between Human assisted Tooling and Tooling assisted Humans. This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your lectures, readings and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.

  • And that’s why to me, the whole episode is so representative of this eight-year conundrum for the news media, especially on television.
  • But their bread and butter is talking heads.
  • While it has been reviewed by human transcribers, it may contain errors.
  • And I have to say, I’ve never seen a moment like this in decades of watching television news and covering television news.
  • It had come under new management, was being led by a guy named Chris Licht, a veteran of cable news, but also Stephen Colbert’s late night show in his last job.

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