What Is Aave? The Popular DeFi Protocol Explained

What Is Aave

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It’s For Black People, Anyway! Lizzo Calls For AAVE To Be Used By Black People Only – BET

It’s For Black People, Anyway! Lizzo Calls For AAVE To Be Used By Black People Only.

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Aave also offers a native crypto token (AAVE) that can be traded on most exchanges or staked in the Aave platform to earn interest. Staking is how crypto miners earn rewards for validating transactions https://www.tokenexus.com/ on a proof-of-stake blockchain like the one that underlies Aave. The interest earned by users fluctuates based on the lending supply and borrowing demand of the asset in question.

The AAVE token: Explained

If you’re depositing tokens to a pool that already has a lot of surplus liquidity, you won’t earn much. But if you’re depositing tokens the protocol is in desperate need of, you’ll make more. To use Aave, people can log What Is Aave into the web app, connect a digital wallet, and deposit crypto onto the platform. Once the funds are deposited, users can choose from a list of supported cryptocurrencies to borrow against the collateral deposited.

ETHLend, an initial token of Aave protocol, had its ICO in late 2017 and raised about $16.2 million. Since the protocol is based on Ethereum, these tokens were ERC-20 with a non-inflationary structure. He can do this by sending the assets to a receiver contract which then swaps the amount of ETH and UNI to AAVE via a decentralized exchange. Finally, the contract will supply the equivalent amount in AAVE into the Aave Protocol. Lenders/depositors who supply liquidity to the protocol receive aTokens.

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This is in reference to the opportunity he and his team was given to revamp the concept of decentralized cryptocurrency lending, creating what we now know as Aave. While ETHLend was a novel idea, the platform, along with its token LEND, lost traction heading into the 2018 bear market. Key pain points with the platform were a lack of liquidity and the difficulty in matching loan requests to offers. Holders of the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency can discuss and vote on proposals that affect the direction of the project. Aave surpassed the already established DeFi platforms like Curve, Compound, and MakerDAO in terms of total value locked (TVL) in a few years after its launch.

What Is Aave

The AAVE token is the ERC-20-based native token of the Aave protocol. Its main use is for the governance of proposals about Aave, but it can also be traded freely on cryptocurrency exchanges and staked in the Safety Module for rewards. AAVE holders can “lock” their tokens in the Safety Module, which is the liquidity pool that acts as a safeguard against any liquidity issues that might occur. Users who deposit their tokens in this pool earn additional AAVE tokens as a reward. However, flash loans can be hazardous for the average user, given their uncollateralized nature. On its docs page, Aave states that flash loans are a feature designed for developers due to the technical knowledge required to execute one.

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